Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 20 Hilo, Hawaii

The helicopter tour over the waterfalls and volcano was simply amazing….. The views were spectacular. I especially liked seeing the lava…. This was a tour that should not be missed by anyone traveling to Hilo. After our flight in the helicopter we went back to the ship to reload and head out again. My friends Charles & Patsy and Jo Ann Taylor from the Mariner Society & I headed out for a tour of waterfalls and scenic point around Hilo. We first headed out toward Akaka Falls along the coastal scenic route. It was a fabulous view and Akaka Falls was tremendous, all 420 feet worth. We also hiked down to Kahuna Falls which was nice but paled in comparison to Akaka Falls. We then went to see Rainbow Falls and the boiling pots (rapids above Rainbow Falls)…. Very nice. We went into town and toured the Farmers Market for a while and then went to the Tsunami Memorial. We finished up and headed back to the ship. A very, very nice day…. Tomorrow we will be in Honolulu. The plan is to go snorkeling and hitting the beach. Sounds like a great plan.

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures of the volcano and amazing.(Well actually all of your pictures are pretty amazing.) Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. I am currently reading your Mega Voyage blog. :)