Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 26 At Sea

The beautiful days just keep coming…. Today may have been the best. We also had the excitement of crossing the Golden Line at noon today. I caught a pretty good photo of the lines converging. It’s a good thing the lines are there because I’m not sure we could find them otherwise. It certainly was a fantastic day. As to the question that was asked about working out…. Yes, it’s true. Hopefully it is just a passing phase. Of course I get my exercise out in the sun. Tonight is another formal night. I may wear yellow to celebrate the crossing of the Golden Line. (OK so it’s not gold… I left gold at home). Oh yeah! I almost forgot. When I embarked on the ms Rotterdam in Ft. Lauderdale I received numerous emails and blog comments concerning the deck chairs. After working that issue very hard on the ms Amsterdam (with some success) I had decided that I wasn’t going to work the chair issue on the ms Rotterdam. That was until I injured myself sitting on one of those lovely stretchers yesterday. I enclosed a lovely photo of my ever growing hematoma…. These chairs a really pitiful and I surely hope HAL replaces these old stretchers with a better model chair in the near future….


Holly said...


But I would classify your injury as an Ecchymosis given the size.

(wonder how many followers are now Googling??)

Nancy said...

OK, I'll bite. Exactly who placed those perfectly straight yellow lines on the ocean? And how do they stay there? ;-)

I appreciate you taking the time to update your blog every day. Checking it is something I look forward to all day at work.

I hope your hand feels better soon. It does not look pleasant.

The Mayor said...

Do you know the guys that draw the yellow first down lines on the football fields during the game...........they are on this cruise also.

Holly - Golden Sunshine

Jeff Farschman said...

I may have been the one to draw the lines.....