Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 13 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Great day in Los Cabos….. It was all about the whales for me today! I saw pod after pod of humpback whales. It was very, very nice. We even saw a pod of what appeared to be orcas jumping out of the water some distance away. After whale watching I went into town, did a bit of shopping and had a drink with my friends Roberta & Joe. After returning back to the ship it was poolside for me. We had another nice sail away departing Cabo San Lucas…. Nice day! It is one day at sea and then into L.A. and the Grand World Voyage…. Let’s get it going…


Holly said...

Fabulous photos as always. For a second I thought I was seeing Prudential Insurance commercial.

Love the new headgear and arm band. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Barbara and I loved your whale shots but I was particularly fond of the pelican photos.... the best photos yet! Nice job!

Marcia said...

Great Photos!
Check out the back of the boat in the morning the dolphins and whales were up early feeding
3 weeks ago and we saw a lot following the ship.
Your Blog has got me excited about my cruise 1/24.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

OUTSTANDING pictures! Whales have a magic aura around them. I can feel the spray on my face.

Cheers, Roma
(from Mass where there is a right whale on my license plate :))

Anonymous said...

Your photos of the whales and pelicans are absolutely wonderful. I was in Cabo the third week in December and went on the same sightseeing excursion you did - unfortunately we didn't see any whales, only dolfins. I was really disappointed.

Am so enjoying your writings and photos. Thank you so much for spending the time to share with us.


vickie said...

GREAT whale shots. Now I'm really jealeous about not being onboard.
Keep it up, seeing your adventures in the next best thing to being there.