Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 11 Acapulco, Mexico

Today was pretty nice. Generally speaking it was fairly overcast a good portion of the day but it was very comfortable. We first went to La Quebrada to see the cliff divers. I have been here several times but always love to see the show. It was at this show back in 2006 that convinced me to get a Nikon SLR since a point and shoot just doesn’t cut it for cliff diving. I like the 7 shots a second much better. Next we stopped at one of the Holland America recommended stores where I actually purchased something . This is surprising only because I don’t like to be taken to stores, factories or whatever on a paid tour when there may be financial consideration involved for taking me there. I just don’t think that is right…. But hey, that’s just the way I am. Next we went to a viewing area (another place where all the buses went where shopping was involved). It was a great view though. Then we were off to the resort, the Fairmont Pierre Marques Hotel. It was a lovely place, nice pools and facilities but the beach was just so-so…. The lunch was pretty good and lounging around the pool was nice. We then headed back to the ship and had a nice sail away on the aft deck. HAL is continuing to do a nice job on this voyage. It is very refreshing. I have criticized them when I felt it was warranted and will give them praise when they operate as I know they can. I have recovered from my encounter with the wasp but had a bit of an unnerving experience when one kept coming after me today at the pool. He just really liked me I guess….. Tomorrow is a day at sea which is nice, I need to relax.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the girl with the hat? I thought I was going to be FAMOUS!!!!

maryann said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for such a great blog - just as good as last year ! and that you love the Rotterdam, I thought it was a twin of the Amsterdam. Good to know it is better.

I was reading on CC on the Carnival board, about one of their ships was on port in Progresso, Mx and a swarm of bees took over the Lido deck and were trying to colonize a 'yellow' umbrella.

The key word is yellow - as you are known for the yellow clothing- that may explain the wasp attack.

Good luck & Have fun, MaryAnn