Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5 Transiting the Panama Canal

What a hot and sizzling day! We began our transit of the Panama Canal around 0630 this morning as we entered the Gatun Locks. No mater how many times I transit the canal I aleays find it interesting. I spend the day riveted by our every move as we transit, standing in the hot sun and going from the bow to the stern and back and forth. etc….. It was a great transit! We arrived at the Pedro Miguel Locks around 1:00 in the afternoon (I think…) and proceeded from there through the Miraflores Locks. We are now in the Pacific Ocean on our way to Costa Rica…. Tomorrow we have a day at sea to get fried some more….. The only other thing that happened today was I received a letter from the Manager of Guest Relations at Holland America which I thought was insulting. I thought it was a discredit to the thousands of outstanding men and women who work at Holland America bringing customer satisfaction everyday. Note to the GRM: I don’t confuse that easily….


MaryAnn said...

Jeff, love the pictures, thank you. We were in the Canal in Dec. and on the last lock - the power went out for 4 hours ! We were stuck in the lock next to a container ship - those guys and us were friends after that ordeal.

You didn't explain the 'insulting' comment, was that on this blog or in person ? Why would he even confront a guest by letter?

Have fun, MaryAnn (Wowzo on CC)

Jeff Farschman said...

It was the Guest Relations Manager in Seattle. Perhaps you know him. I won't go into it further at this point. I may in the future.

Anonymous said...


Are you in trouble again for telling the truth!
One would think HAL would welcome your on site trouble shooting for them!
Seeing you are paying them for the cruise they should be thankful for the insight on how things are being done or not.

Thought you were very complimentary about the food!

Guess I should tell you what the computer tech told us on the 2007 & 2008 Grand Asia & Australia Voyages .... the very best time to be on a computer for the best results in internet speed is between 3AM & 5 AM!

Take care,
Jean & Doug

starannlemar said...

It’s been a real joy taking the cruise with you even though we remain on the 9th floor condo in Melbourne. I have been enjoying your photos, humor and dialog along the way and visit your Blog daily with Barbara so we can discuss your trip and your photos. They are so much a part of your personality and I enjoy that creativity. I could taste the lobster and especially the four mushroom soup. I know it must have been good because you said you normally do not enjoy the flavor from mushrooms. Yum! I wished I were the one capturing that pelican in flight, my favorite bird tied with the cardinal. What a great shot but did you shout “now” when he was directly overhead? I think not! It is not hot here but we still have been bronzing and enjoying the sun. It is apparent that you are also enjoying the sun and the color red was a good choice! Keep up the outstanding Blog. Somebody has to do the entertaining so it might as well be you, right? Star * Barbara says hello.