Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 27 At Sea

I could not believe how oppressive the heat was today. The humidity had to be through the roof. Getting wet, frequently, was the order of the day. The voyage continues to impress with impeccable service and food. It certainly would be better if I had full use of my left hand but hopefully that will come with time. It’s tough coming up with clothes with colors that match the large purple protrusion on my hand. I would hate to clash…. Tomorrow is our last day at sea before arriving at our first stop in the island country of Vanuatu. I had to start taking Malarone (malaria pills) today in advance of our arrival…. What a pain…. I’ll be taking Malarone a lot on this voyage….

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Wayner said...

Hi Jeff
You better go and see the nurse about your hand, you might get disembarked for medical reasons. LOL