Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 4 Cartagena, Columbia

We arrived into Cartagena early in the morning, around 0700. The port isn’t much to look at, just a bunch of containers. At 0830 I went off on my tour. It was already very hot and steamy early in the morning. We went off to the old walled city first stopping at Castillo San Felipe de Barajas Fort for a photo stop. Then it was off to Santiago's Bastion, where we began our walking tour. The tour provided a lot of great sights and interesting people shots. What a difference a day makes…. Yesterday I was wearing the crown of a king and today I was on the rack….That happened at the Inquisition Palace. We also strolled by the statue of Simon Bolivar. Finally, we toured the old Dungeons, which in the colonial times were used as a military barracks and a munitions depot, but now local artisans display their arts and crafts here. In other words… we went shopping. The internet has been a struggle. I may be putting things in piecemeal over a few days at times…. I’ll do my best.


Anonymous said...

We are sorry also as we were looking forward to your posting of the neat photos you always take.
Hang in there ....
Jean & Doug

Holly said...


Is that some sort of punishment for lack of a tan??????