Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 15 Los Angeles, California

What a great kick off for a Grand World Voyage….. I saw lots of friends today from past voyages. It was difficult to walk through an area without continually running into old acquaintances… very nice! The afternoon was bright and sunny so sitting out on the deck greeting the new people coming aboard was great. The sail away was fun and certainly well attended. Could it have been the free drinks? Al in all it was a fun day. It was very special to see my old friends Sandy & Grace…. Amazing folks! I am definitely looking forward to a fabulous voyage…..


Ian said...

Nice tank top Jeff.I had one just like that but now it is just a "wee bit smaller"
Have a greattt journey and be good."Pause"

The Mayor said...


Glad to see that the "Grand" has finally arrived for you. Sounds like you are in for a fabulous cruise based on your earlier comments.

Crayola was preparing to layoff some folks, but now that they know about your voyage, you saved a few people their jobs.

Holly, you should take the lead in scrutinizing the new color schemes for this cruise!

Anonymous said...

That yellow "Tank Top" again!!!!

Holly said...

Mr. Mayor - as we hear more about sizzling in the sun with durations worthy of "bonus" days, Crayola will have to hire more folks to keep up with the new colors for this portion of the cruise.

Given that Hilo is considered the wettest city in the US and one of the wettest cities in the world, I've already decided that Wet Sand will be the first new color in the box!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

It was a pleasure to meet you in Los Angeles. Thank you so much for your daily blog and photos. Very enjoyable!

Sounds like the voyage is off to a great start and may it continue so and be your best adventure yet!