Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 24 At Sea

Another fabulous day!!!! It just doesn’t get any better than this! Four more sea days until we reach land which is fine by me. On Friday at noon, two days from now we cross the Golden line… we will simultaneously gross the equator and the International dateline. I’ll have my GPS handy for that one. I’m also getting close to starting my Malaria medication in advance of arriving in Vanuatu, bummer…. I gain an even better appreciation of the Rotterdam every day. While it is similar to the Amsterdam there are noticeable differences. The aft decks are a perfect example with the aft pool on deck 7 versus deck 8. This is starting to grow on me and that’s too bad because the ship is scheduled to be modified to change all that. The colors on board the ship are bright and just great colors. Nice ship. Tonight we have the Black & White Ball. I wonder what I should wear…. I’ll think about that for a while.


allan said...

caught up glad you are having a blast. camera a bummer but his to wil pas. allan and sandra

The Mayor...... said...

Hey Jeff:

The Mayor is alive and well. Got home today (Thursday) with nothing significant to tell you! So glad to hear about this cruise and the exceptional time you're having.

As you can see, since I've been off-line for about a week, Holly has picked up the slack for me - Go Holly!

Holly said...

Might I suggest "Bulldogger" for those of us in deep Texas that are following along?

Rie said...

Jeff!!! First of all - super blog and pix. So glad you are enjoying yourself! Sorry to post this on your blog but I could not wait to hook up my work laptop to look up your email to tell you the good news: I've gone Ballistic - Aegis style! I don't know what you did, but about a week after you told me you called Hector - guess what - a program manager in his group picked me up!! Someone in HR said to "make it happen" and voila - I transition on Monday!! I'm still closing out TARS for about a week. You've still got some pull over there Mr. VP! Thank you - I'm so blessed that you still look out for me. Your 'Forever Administrator' and Friend! Rie