Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 12 At Sea

What a fabulous day! I was out bright and early at 0700 to experience a near perfect day….. Not much more to say that that….perfect!!!!! We are getting down to the end of this 14 day Panama Canal Cruise (for me Grand Voyage…. won’t give up). Tomorrow is our last port, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico before heading to Los Angeles. This cruise has been great…. The food, service and just the attitude has been fabulous. I hope it continues for the Grand World Voyage, I’m sure it will. I also hope tomorrow is just a perfect as today. I will be going for some Whale watching tomorrow. Here is the description: Deluxe Coastal Cruise with Whale Watching
Between approximately January and March, these waters are visited by thousands of whales that make their yearly migration toward the warmer tides in the Sea of Cortez. Here, at least six different types of whales spout and breach as they swim around the Gulf. They include the California grey whales, the finbacks, the humpbacks and the mighty blue whales--the largest animal ever to inhabit the earth. Keep your camera handy. The Cousteau Society has done some of their very best film-making right here!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Blog. I discovered this from the CruiseCritic board. I started following the Bill and Mary Ann thread and your blog was linked.

With only 40 days at sea, I'm day dreaming about a world cruise. It's very cold today in Kentucky (low was below 0F) and tomorrow is much the same. The blog and pictures are truly warming up my soul.

Can't wait for the next day installment.

Mark Monmouth County NJ said...

Hey Jeff,
I apparently tuned in just at the perfect time to see you start your "official" world cruise. :)
So far it sounds wonderful! Good food, smooth seas, good ports and adventure makes for a great time. Huatuco (sp)is wonderful, isn't it? Glad to see you were king for a day but that tan seems to be getting a bit light! More sun is required!

Best to you and enjoy a safe world voyage in the new year! Stay away from the wasps!
Mark & Randi

kbarkins said...


Just wanted to say hello. Back here in DE its about 6 (SIX) degrees, hope its a little warmer where you are. I used to have your blog bookmarked and I'd check it out every once in a while, I had to do some searching on google, but I found you again. Haha. Next time you book a cruise, save a room for me. Have fun, you're lookin' a little pale.


Anonymous said...

Hay Jeff,
Been reading you posts and thank you so much. Been home for 3 weeks and that is a lot for me, but leaving again next Saturday.
Saving some great weather for you in LA LA LAND mid 80's for Monday been that and higher for the last 2 weeks YEAH.
Maybe there is something in your sunscreen or tanning products that is attracting the wasps?? I forget what you use BUT last time I saw you was it the DREADED Mercury Cruise??
Glad to see they rebuilt the Condo's on the hill in H that were downed by that earthquake, as it is at the end of the Sanandras (sp) fault.
Safe crusing :-)