Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 16 At Sea

Today was pretty laid back. It gave some more time to catch up with old friends. The World Voyage has gotten off to a great start (except for today’s weather). My friends Paul & Sylvia in Perth will be happy to know that all the ladies received a rose to kick off their Grand Voyage. We have 4 days at sea before we arrive in Hilo Hawaii. Hopefully the weather will pick up. Now is the time for finalizing my plans for the upcoming ports. I’ll try to get the most out of this voyage. My table at dinner is really nice, a collection of friends and waiter who is fabulous. I should know, I had him for about 7 months last year.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean that Yan Yan (previously on the Amsterdam) is your dining room steward?

I had the pleasure of his service on the 2007-08 holiday cruise and had a great time. Please say hello to him from Chris and Deb.

Megan said...

OOOOH! I'll be so jealous if it is Yan Yan!!! lol ;) We recently sailed on the Volendam and had horrendous service. I thought of Yan Yan at every meal wishing we were in his gracious, conscientious care. Please tell him hello from Megan & Kevin (Panama Canal Cruise 11/07).

P.S. Love the blog, Jeff! As usual, the pictures are phenomenal! We love being able to virtually travel with you! Thank you! I'm toasting you with a Diet Coke. :)