Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 1 Ft. Lauderdale

Today started out pretty dreary…  It was really overcast, breezy and too cool for my taste.  Thankfully, the weather improved a bit as the day wore on.  I arrived at the Nieuw Amsterdam in the early afternoon and was immediately taken back by how big it is.  That being said, it is a beautiful ship, just a little big for this small ship guy. Captain Van Zaane has a right to be proud of this baby.  I was able to see the Captain Edward Van Zaane & his lovely bride, Apollonia and it was a fabulous reunion.  On top of that (for you world voyagers) I saw a number of other friends…  Brock, Bianca (casino) and her husband Mike (F&B), Manny, Augustin (2007 Seaview Bar), Marco Van Bellenghem (HM) and a few others along the way.  It is so nice to see such a first rate bunch of people….  I also met Julie & Parker Farschman…  Julie’s husband and Parker’s dad is Jeff Farschman.  I think it is twilight zone time…..  Can the world really handle 2 Jeff Farschmans?  I look forward to meeting Jeff, the name alone says he is pretty special J  Tomorrow we will be at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas…. beach time.  Great day today!




Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
OMG! One Jeff Farschman is enough! Ha ha! I am so jealous, happy and excited for you on this next cruise. (Itinerary?) Wish I was there.
Wanted to call & wish you bon voyage, but was helping my bro after his surgery.
Have fun Big Deal!

Vickie said...

Sounds like a good start for a new voyage. Enjoy and Merry Christmas... and stop thinking of the N.A. as big... when you dock next to one of the RCCL vessels she will look like just the perfect size.

whitey said...

Have you scouted out those hidden sun locations yet?