Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 42 St. John's, Antigua

Today we arrived into St. John’s Antigua very, very early in the morning…. It was a fairly bright and sunny day. I decided that today I would just walk around the city. Last time here Brad, Leslie & I toured the island and had a great day. I have beached it here many times and when an island has a different beach for every day of the year it is pretty easy. But today, I was just going to check out the sights of the city and park myself poolside. When I got off the ship I stopped at the tourist info office and got a map. First thing I did was get directions to the markets.. Then I thought, perhaps I will walk out to the old fort at the entrance to the harbor, not too far… I asked her how long a walk it was to Fort James…. She said about 45 minutes… perfect! What I didn’t realize at the time was that there were 2 Ft. James, one just a lot older than the other. I realized this when I walked all the way to Dickinson Bay to Miller’s by the Sea, a beach resort I visited on several occasions in the past. I asked where the fort was and they said down the beach a short distance. This “Ft. James” was very old and in a bit of disrepair and a long way from town. The good news was that I was at a lovely beach and got some great walking in…. what a fitness nut I am…not! That may change on the World Voyage, I may go work out with my friend Allan who consistently goes to the gym. I certainly was thinking today of my dear friends from Curacao when I saw the Heineken sign…. reminded me of my Dutch “grandfather” and his child bride. All in all it was a nice day in Antigua, nice weather, good pics, great beach and a fabulous walk. Once I returned to the ship it was poolside for some serious bronzing activity. Just after 2:00 I left the pool to shower and get ready for my 3 hour Spa adventure…. I started with a pedicure, the “Fire & Ice” treatment with hot stones then I moved on to the Lime & Ginger full body exfoliation with the big finish… a full body massage. Once again Magical Marilou did Holland America proud… After the Spa, I went for a great dinner (chicken Caesar salad) followed by a cocktail party…. What a day! Tomorrow St. Thomas….




Anonymous said...

hi Mr Cargo : )

I hope u have az amazing day today in St Thomas..

See u soon on the ship..

Your honest fan

The Hungarian

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Anonymous said...

wish I was there, following you every day.dutch girl. :)