Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 7 At Sea... Merry Christmas!

I had a pretty nice day relaxing in the sun.  That is so much better than a white Christmas, I don’t care what Bing says….  Today was also our last day of this 7 day cruise.  I had a nice table for dinner with great tablemates, sad to see them leave.  Also, it was such a nice treat meeting relatives for the first time….  I really enjoyed my time talking with Jeff & Julie’s families….  Nice people.  I hope that everyone celebrating Christmas had a fantastic one.  How about that blizzard heading east.  I am a bit sad that I will miss it.  ‘-)




Anonymous said...

We are so happy you are happy.

Jennie said...

Hi Jeff,

So glad you had a great Christmas at sea and escaped all the cold weather that is heading up the East coast.

We down here in Melbourne (Aust) had a lovely day with the temperature around 26C though northern N.S.W. and QLD are experiencing floods!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
When I was first catching up with your blog, I was feeling sorry for you; not being able to spend time with your family. Then I realized you were with friends, family (HAL) and having a fabulous time.
Have continued great times and think of your old landlubber friends, who wish they were on the high seas.
Wishing you hugs and a wonderful New Year!