Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 3 At Sea

It was a fairly nice day today, at least until mid afternoon. I went to the top deck and relaxed in the sun while I read. Once the skies clouded over and threatened a bit of rain, I went in and… took a nap. I was a little tired after my 4:30 am wakeup call. Not really… at 4:30 the Chief Officer made a missing passenger announcement. Not sure what transpired but ultimately they did find the missing person. Last night I went to the Showroom at Sea to see the Nieuw Amsterdam Entertainers perform their show “NYC”. They were absolutely fantastic! I am at a table for 8 in the dining room and have a good group to dine with. It is quite a change to go back to my normal 8:00 dinner after 2 months of dining at 6:30. It just means I stay up much later. Today I met some more of the Farschman family…. I met Jeff’s parents and they were delightful. Apparently we are 2nd cousins. Jeff’s grandfather and mine were brothers…. Our paths never crossed probably because my family moved all over the world while a large part of the Farschman family resided in Ohio. Meeting them has been a real highlight. Talking with Ken, Jeff’s father, about my dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents was great. Other excellent day aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam….. what a difference a ship makes or I should say, what a difference a different management team makes. Tomorrow we visit a place I really love, Curacao. Oh yeah, almost forgot! I feel really bad about the person from the Maasdam who keeps trying to make disgusting comments about me and can't seem to get the job done. It seems I control the content of what gets published..... bummer :-) Instead of attacking me perhaps it would be better to channel your energy toward providing excellent service to your guests. Life is good!


Welshgirl said...

Hey Jeff, sorry to hear about the petty minded individual. I hope that you're taking screen prints of their efforts so that you can forward them to Seattle!
Glad that your in much nice surroundings now. We were on her sister ship, the Eurodam, last year and it was fabulous. I love reading your blog. Keep having fun.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well with the many Farschman's. I just wanted to tell you that "Dolly" is on her way. I ran into her today in San Diego and had a nice chat over a cup of coffee with her. She is anxiously awaiting your January reunion on the World Cruise.


You sound much happier!! I like reading your blog everyday. Thanks for taking the time.

June said...

Who would have thought one could find a relative out on the open seas? I am happy for you.
Did you happen to see the lunar eclipse last night?

Anonymous said...

But how would you know if it was someone that worked on that ship, even if they said it was? It could have been a passenger pretending to be an employee for all anyone knows. I doubt sending them to Seattle will do anything..since no one would be able to proof it. It is sad though they need , and try to mess up your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff!
Old friends, new-found family, great new ship....what a great way to spend the holidays. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year.
John and Marlene

Anonymous said...

What fun to meet relatives! Did you have any idea they would be on the same cruise? Or was it pure chance that you ran into them?
I sure hope you are passing those comments on to Holland America, if they are staff!! I sure would not want to go on a cruise with staff that would make bad comments on someone's blog!!