Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 55 At Sea

Today was a very windy, blustery day…  I did sit out in the sun that came in and out and read my Kindle.  I also spent some time packing…  how tedious is that?  Tonight is our last formal night and also is our last appearance of the Maasdam Singers & Dancers, a definite highlight for me on this voyage.  This is the most talented cast that I have seen on all my voyages….  They are a wonderfully talented group of people, I’ll miss them….  Those people out there that know me know that generally I don’t go to cast shows…  I may go to the first but if I am not impressed I will not attend a second performance.  With this bunch I have actually seen multiple performances of the same shows, they are that good!!!!  Thanks to Jackie & Jen for the photos….  Best wishes!




Vickie said...

Don't envy you that packing job.
I'm back to work after a very short 12 days on the Amsterdam. I did the Copper Canyon tour... long day and glad I did it, would have been nice to have more time. Willy & Raymund are waiting your arrival for the world, and I bet you will feel more at home. Give a big hug to "mom" and "dad" for me before you say good bye to the Maasdam... and hello to her big sister - Nieuw Amsterdam. See you in FLL on Jan 2.

guy d said...

great pics of the cast. Sorry to hear about your friends in holland. hope everything is ok with them. also hope you like the new ship. Please tell us how you like the ship. and any differences between the others in the fleet compare.