Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 12 Grand Cayman

Today could not have been any better…..  Apollonia & I got on the first tender ashore to Georgetown, Grand Cayman this morning.  Once ashore we hopped into the first taxi heading to 7 mile beach.  We went to the Royal Palm area and got set up with chairs in the prime location before the thundering herds arrived.  The water was crystal clear, the skies clear and sunny…. just perfection.  After a few hours of swimming and enjoying the sun we headed back to town and ultimately back to the ship.  Once back onboard, I went up on deck and sat out a while and read until departure.  Captain Van Zaane invited me up to the Bridge so I went up there for departure.  As with the rest of the ship the Bridge in quite large and quite nice.  I enjoyed my visit to the Bridge then it was off to the showers to get ready for the cocktail party that I had been invited to by the Captain & Hotel Manager.  Great party followed by a magnificent meal in the Pinnacle Grill for “Le Cirque” night with Marco Van Belleghem and his wife Karen.  It was a fabulous evening capping off a perfect day.  Life is good…..



Anonymous said...

It is always good when one can say, "Life is good!"

June said...

So glad to read that you are enjoying yourself. Thanks again for the great journaling and pictures. I send you best wishes for a great 2011.


Bradley Elliott said...

I will bet even money the captain and hotel manager both talked to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Yes, "Life is good"! So glad you are enjoying yourself.
I want to wish you a healthy and very Happy New Year. . . . . not just today, but for all of 2011.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a great 2011! Thanks for your daily reports, which I enjoy reading every morning with my coffee in hand.
Happy New Year.

guy d said...

glad you are enjoying the new yr on ships. I can still remember my 1st holiday cruise for the new yr Well it was last yr dec 09 jan 2010 on the maasdam. It was great in a couple ways, went to all new ports except 2. the other was just relaxing and having fun. Can't wait for the grand world viewing of your blog. have fun and yes "life is good"

made said...

the great picture Mr Jeff


made said...

the great picture Mr Jeff woooow