Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 8 Ft. Lauderdale

Today was a fairly cold and blustery day in Ft. Lauderdale.  I really hate it when Florida is like this.  I know those of you experiencing the blizzard aren’t feeling my pain but I want you to know that we are affected as well.  First of all, because of the winter storm our itinerary has changed.  We are dropping Half Moon Cay and Grand Turk and are heading straight for Belize instead.   That is disappointing to me since I haven’t been to Grand Turk before, oh well…. next time.  The other storm impact is that our internet was knocked out.  It seems that in some way we are reliant on systems in New Jersey which was being pounded by the winter storm.  I had a great dinner in the Tamarind Asian Restaurant.  I was joined by my friend Mike who is the Food & Beverage Manager… great evening.  I met Mike in the Silk Den a very lovely lounge across from the Tamarind… nice.  I really love my experience on the Nieuw Amsterdam…  I chatted with Stein Kruse last night at a cocktail party and told him how wonderful everything was onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam.  Captain Van Zaane has a superb team onboard.  Before someone asks…. No I didn’t mention the Maasdam…it would have been inappropriate for that occasion.  If he is interested, he will ask….





vickie said...

Sorry about the weather impacting your first 2 stops. If you see Stein K. in a social setting again, say hi to him for me..he knows me as Victoria (not Vickie).
As to the other "dam" ship, I will be interested to hear if the topic ever comes up or doesn't... Continue to enjoy and remember the world is just days away.
PS we are expecting another rainy and cold week in CA so the sunshine is hiding from all of us.

Bradley Elliott said...

I hope he does ask, that ship needs attention from the highest level.

Rie said...

Jeff: Are the skies REALLY that blue in your pics?! Lovely hues!

Happy holidays to you from Va Beach. Kempsville got the most snow, measuring 14.5 inches! It's a beautiful snow - lots of flakes making a beautiful powder. Power went out for only 9 hours (knock on wood). Not serious enough to break out the generator. Otherwise, enjoying being toasty warm inside. See what you're missing!

Keep up the great blog with the best pics on the 'net!

Friends always!

Whitey said...

-31C wind chill with water frozen.

Hmmm I feel your pain Jeff.
Your heading to Belize and I am heading for the bar.


PS: I thought you loved kids?