Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 9 At Sea

Today was a lazy day…. This morning started out pretty cool and very windy. I sat inside a read for a while until the skies brightened. I went out and sat by the pool which last week was adults only but by the overwhelming number of kids out there it has apparently changed. I was forced to move so I went upstairs and found a nice spot where I could relax and read. This evening was pretty good. It was our first formal night on this cruise and the Captain did his welcome toast and staff introductions. At dinner I met my new table mates and had a nice meal. Then it was off to the show. The show Contare was on again and it was spectacular just as it was last week, very talented guys. Tomorrow Apollonia & I will strike out on a Belize adventure… don’t know yet what we will do but photography will be involved. I hope we have a nice weather day….

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Anonymous said...

Jeff I am so happy that you are having such a fantastic time. I know you would never ask a question ref your last voyage of Stn. We all know they are paying attention and will deal with any valid concern appropriately. Leaving wed for Puerto Rico see you soon Allan