Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 44 At Sea

What a wonderful day at sea…. I parked myself just outside the Crow’s Nest on deck 12 where I was out of the wind and away from the crowd. It was absolutely wonderful! I stayed there all day until late afternoon when I went in for my first facial….. You can now call me the “pampered puke”. Lets see, yesterday it was a pedicure followed by a lime & ginger full body exfoliation followed by a full body massage and today a facial…. What has become of me? I’ll tell you now that is the last time I get a facial…. I heard it gives you a more youthful appearance but after being thrown out of the bar for looking underage it’s just not worth it. Here is the “new” me with the Hotel Manager, Frank Ulbricht. Tonight was fabulous… dinner was amazing.


June said...

You are such a funny guy. Why doesn't HAL have you do some standup comedy on the ship? No, wait, that would be too much like work. Glad Marilou and the spa team are keeping you fit and youthful. Soon you will have to have a companion to sail with since you look underage.
Thanks for the nice pictures and bylines.

Please say hello to Gede Edi (starboard side) Lido around breakfast time. He usually pushes the coffee cart. Tell him, Ms. Sugar says hello.

Anonymous said...

Hi "Pampered Puke"
Ha ha! You are a stitch! Soak it up "Bubba", you really are a Big Deal!



All over a Diet Coke? What are those bartenders thinking?

Hope all is well-