Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 52 Bridgetown, Barbados

Today we were back in Barbados…. I am still avoiding my old stomping grounds, The Boatyard. Nice beach but lousy management. I hope it rains there tomorrow and the next day and…. Oh well! I walked around Bridgetown taking photos and even walked to the beach where it will be raining for the foreseeable future. It was a nice walk with some good photo ops. I appreciated the helpful tips they post like where you can’t urinate. It kind of reminds me of the “No Spitting” zones in India. I always wondered about signs like that…. Is it OK to spit, urinate or whatever in areas that signs aren’t posted? I would really like some insight into that. After my walk I returned to the ship and yes…. poolside was my destination. It felt good to relax since I didn’t sleep well last night after my “gasing” in the cabin. Tonight I had a bit of variety, garlic…. I haven’t a clue where that came from. I had another treat as well….. I returned to my cabin after the show and found the cabin very warm, not good for me. I wondered why since I ask the drapes remain closed during the day to keep the sun out. The answer was very simple, someone decided to turn the thermostat all the way up hot. Why would someone do that unless they are really trying to exacerbate my current less than favorable feelings toward the Maasdam & Holland America…. Aside from that crap I had a nice day.…

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Jennie said...

Hi Jeff,

Loving your photos and explanations as you go move around the Caribbean.

I am so sorry that such a good customer of HAL should have such trouble and angst with them regarding your cabin. I would have thought that they would have moved you long ago. It is not good PR for someone like you to be treated in such an off hand manner.