Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 49 St. Croix, USVI

It was looking a little gloomy as we arrived into St. Croix this morning. I decided to go ashore and walk around Frederiksted. I thought of going back to Christiansted like Brad & I did last time but the weather didn’t look too great in the morning. I enjoyed my walk and even stocked up on some diet cokes…. As the morning developed, the weather improved greatly and the sun was in full force. I returned to the ship in the early afternoon and went poolside and soaked up the rays. Nice day!




Anonymous said...

Still amazed at how you find so much color everywhere you go! Thanks for the pics!

Gifted Gamer said...

I was enjoying your pictures and posts. Thanks for sharing your voyages with everyone, it is really facinating and you are very lucky to call the world your oyster.
btw, how did you get the means to take years of travel and what can you recommend to us youngsters who one day want to be able to travel like you? Thanks again!

Holly said...

Really liked the pics of the fort or whatever it was sometime in the past.