Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 14 At Sea

Today started out as usual as a very cool, overcast morning. I sat out for a little while and then went downstairs to run a few errands since the weather wasn’t optimal yet. While I was gone some changes were made to my sitting arrangements…… I returned to find that my lounge chair was changed. It was swapped out with my own personal lounge chair. It has an embroidered sign on it that says Tanman’s Hangout. How amazing is that? This was a gift from my Amsterdam Family….. simply wonderful. They are the best!!!! It had a sign attached which I enclosed a photo of… says it all. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Tonight we had another formal night and the evening was grand. We only have one more day at sea before we reach Easter Island, how exciting. (Internet not working properly, may impact future posts)


Anonymous said...

Tanman's Hangout... how totally perfect is that! That's some nice Jeff love given by your Amsterdam family. Can't wait to see a photo of your personalized gift! :) So glad that it's all going so splendidly.


Paul said...

What a great prsent to receive from your Amsterdam family. Lovely pics of dear Sandra and Allan. They look so good. Wish we were there with you all.

Paul and Maria

K said...

Your Amsterdam Family ....ROCKS!!! The Tan Man's cool is that? Happy your having a great time. Enjoy all your tomorrows....

Vickie said...

What a difference the ship and staff make. See what I mean about sailing with family, And as another of our favorite hotel managers says its the software not the hardware that makes things work. That chair is so perfect and so your color. Enjoy and have a diet coke for me. By the way have you changed you mind and booked this "dam" ship for your next one???

Anonymous said...

What a great gift! Now, what do you do if someone is on your chair when you get there?!
Looking forward to Easter Island pics...when you can get them online!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
The "chair" only proves what you and I have known for are a Big Deal! Ha ha! Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

OK, now the pic of your chair is up. WOW - you got your own color too!?!!!! That is way awesome! You know, the chair makes you look even more tan... if that's possible. ;) Your own official "home" aboard your "home". Love it!


June said...

It is the little things in life that are so touching and stay with us for forever. So glad you feel the "love" on this ship.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from Easter Island.


Jackie said...

Jeff -
Love the chair and to think I knew you when you didn't even have your own chair on a cruise ship! Your the tan man without the chair but it does suit you!
Jackie Sheehan