Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 19 Scenic Cruising Pitcairn Island

Today was pretty interesting…  Too bad we couldn’t go ashore but the locals came aboard to sell their goods.  It was a very hot and sunny day today with great visibility.  We arrived at Bounty Bay around 9:000 this morning.  The longboat with 40 something Pitcairn Islanders (most of the population) arrived shortly thereafter.  We  continued sailing around the island 2-3 times as the locals set up shop on the Lido deck.  I predicted, correctly, that it would be a madhouse.  People were grabbing at items before the locals could set up their tables.  Goods and money were flying everywhere.  The island, in my opinion, is very lush and extremely photogenic.  The colors, textures and diverse landscapes are fabulous.  I wish I could go ashore….  I may have included too many photos but…  I liked them.  I also wanted to test the internet.  I haven’t been able to process blog postings via email since we left South America.  I needed a good number of photos to properly test it.  If you are reading the blog it must have worked.  It was a very, very nice day….



William said...


We read you loud and clear. Great shots and that ocean looks so beautifully blue!


Orlin and Barbara said...

Great photos Jeff.
Reminded us of the mad house on deck during the 2007 visit.