Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 9 At Sea

Today was rather amazing… I went out to the pool area early this morning and it was cold. 5 degrees off the Equator and I felt cold… What’s up with that? Anyway, thankfully the day improved and I had a nice day poolside with my friends. This evening we had our second formal night and the Black & Silver Ball. It was a fantastic dinner and everyone had a great time at the ball. Afterwards we went to the Crow’s Nest for a post ball party. That is why it’s almost 12:30 in the morning and I am just starting my blog. I love the photo of Allan & Sandra in the Crow’s Nest sitting in the non-smoking section, tough to tell from the photo. It looks like they are smoking big time. We all send our best wishes to our friends Aart & Yvonne who we miss every day…….


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Today's pictures are delightful. Seems a fun time was had by all. They look like a fabulous group of people. Enjoy. We leave in one week for our cruise. Will miss seeing your blog.
Take care Big Deal, you look great. Adkins is obviously still working.

Anonymous said...

Such nice pics from the Ball. It's so nice seeing everyone all dressed up and having a fun time.

P.S. Pic from the non-smoking section of the Crow's Nest? Haha- could've fooled me!