Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 22 Papeete, Tahiti

This morning we arrived into Papeete around 6:30. It was a beautiful morning which just accentuated the beauty of the island. I got off the ship right after we were cleared by customs. The entertainers who were welcoming us to Tahiti were great. I headed out to the market as my first stop. It was great, so many great people shots. I spent quite a bit of time at the market and then headed out to the Cathedral. The church was very nice and the stained glass windows were lovely. I decided I would take a long walk, taking photos along the way so I headed up…. I was trying to climb far enough up the mountain to get some photos of the city. The walk was about 3 hours long and it was hot, hot, hot. The views were nice and I enjoyed, once again, taking the road less traveled…. I came back down the mountain and eventually went back to the ship. I enjoyed a couple of hours poolside before having to go in to deal with photos & the blog. Great day!




John said...

Superb "people" photos that add terrific colour to an already exotic background

I hope to visit the Islands ONE day--been to Hawaii/ N Caledonia and Vanuatu---Isle of Pines was lovely--but living here-the surroundings of Phang Na Bay are hard to beat--see that Phuket is on your next year's itiny !

Continue to have a great time

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Your in one of my "Bucket List" places and I have just shoveled and snowplowed a foot of snow! Pleas Please have a drink for me:) Fran

Anonymous said...

I agree with John about the people shots. They add so much texture, character, and depth to the places you visit; and you capture it all so well. Thanks, Jeff!