Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 5 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

What a difference a year makes…..  It seems like just yesterday we were here in Puerto Limon.  I remember Allan sitting with Sandra at an outside café enjoying a cigar.  Today I just went wandering around Puerto Limon aimlessly.  I decided to just keep walking up the hill until I could get a bit of overlook of the city.  All was going well until I encountered a woman toward the top who told me I should leave right away because it was dangerous for me to be there.  Living on the edge once again!  Too bad my buddy Frank wasn’t here.  After walking the slums of Mumbai with Frank who “fears nothing” I feel a lot more comfortable with my slum buddy at my side.  Perhaps I wasn’t in the best neighborhood but the photos were good.  Anyway, I thanked her and walked back down toward town looking over my shoulder all the way.  Once back in town I decided to take advantage of the pedicures that were being offered….  Here I go again, a “pampered puke”.  After finishing up it was back to the Amsterdam for a few hours of sun in the blistering heat of Costa Rica.  Great day!  Tomorrow we transit the Panama Canal.  We will enter the can around 6:30 am and complete the trip around 4:00pm.




Rie said...

Jeff: Or should I call you "Danger Man"?! Thanks for going to the 'hood to take these fab photos.

Your itinerary is so exciting. Look up the LM Landlubber gang when you get back in April. It's been too long. Until then I'll enjoy the Adventure vicariously through the blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff

Great to be viewing your blog with its wonderful pictures once again.
Have a great voyage and say a speciall big hello to Allan and Sandra.

Paul and Maria