Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 8 Manta, Ecuador

This morning we arrived into the port of Manta Ecuador around 4:30. Fortunately, I was still asleep…. I did leave the ship around 6:45 am to walk along the coast to see the fishing vessels and beaches. I spent about 2 hours walking the city streets and beaches before returning to the port gate. I then hooked up with a taxi driver and began exploring Manta, Montecristi and the surrounding area. The first stop where the boat building/repairs took place along with the fishermen & market was spectacular… I just couldn’t take enough photos. I love the one with the cat and the huge mound of fish. Then it was off to Montecristi where Panama hats are made. The central focus of the town is their amazing Cathedral… just amazing. Again, I couldn’t get enough of this town…. great stuff! Once we left Montecristi, it was back to the coast and we stopped at a couple of very interesting fishing villages. I really enjoyed the day here. While I have been here two previous times it was just a jumping off point for Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands. It was great to explore this very interesting area. Since it was a very hot & steamy day, I headed to the pool after I returned to the ship…. It just doesn’t get any better than this.


Anonymous said...

You really capture the people of the place! Thanks for sharing!
We head off to Quito next week and then off to Galapagos! Your pics from last year were very compelling!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos.. thank you so very much for sharing. You are truly a talented photographer! Cheers, Kristen McNaughton

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo day, Jeff! I've always enjoyed your people pictures, and you captured some real gems here. Feel like I've now had a small visit there too. Thanks!


P.S. Love the cat one too!

Jennie said...


Loved the photos as per usual but this time I was even more interested as we will be visiting Manta in April and we too want to take a taxi and go to Montecristo and explore the surrounding area.

Thanks for showing us wonderful photos of this interesting port.


K said...

Jeff, great photos as always...I felt like I had been by your side all the while. So glad you didn't forget the flower. Perfect! Thanks for sharing.
Love, Karen

Anonymous said...

Loved the cat picture the best - the mind is racing asking did the cat eat any, and if so, did they sell the rest for human consumption!!!!

whitey said...

I see no one else asked this question...

Those 2 guys on the beach with seagulls.
Are they or are they not having a leak?

Jeff Farschman said...

They are indeed taking a leak.... Big tuna fishing port. I wonder if that is why it is yellow fin tuna.... :-)