Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 3 Grand Cayman

Great Day!  It was a nice kick off for the Grand World Voyage….  Grand Cayman has always been one of my favorite spots in the Caribbean.  As I previously mentioned, the weather forecast predicted some less than optimal beach weather and some rough seas.  Allan, Sandra & I decided that we would just visit Georgetown and scratch the beach for today.  The forecast was right to a degree since we were forced to anchor on the Southside of Grand Cayman at Spotts Bay.  Instead of tendering right into the center of town we came ashore about 4-5 miles from town.  We arrived in Spotts Bay and took a taxi into Georgetown.  We walked around the town shopping and taking photos and…. having one of my favorites, Tortuga Rum Cake…. There goes the diet!  It was just a wee one…  I have one in my cabin that Captain Van Zaane & Apollonia gave me that I am saving for a special occasion with my friends so this taste will tide me over.  We really enjoyed hiking around Georgetown and then it was time to stop for lunch.  We went to the Paradise Restaurant which is right on the water.  It was fabulous, nice breeze, great food and of course a diet coke for me.  We were worried a little for the local economy since our friend Aart wasn’t here so Allan & Sandra drank Heineken.  Then it was back to the ship to spend the rest of the day bronzing poolside…..  It just doesn’t get any better than this




Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos! The staff person photo is great- hopefully you'll give him a copy!
Do you have your camera set on anything in particular, your colors are really vibrant!

John said...

Just returned from a New Year's break in the OTHER Georgetown in Penang and today catching up on your blog

Have a fabulous cruise and sincerely hope that all is now well after your surgery

Wishing you a very happy and exciting 2011 !

Phuket 8/1/11

jeff Olson said...

Jeff - really fantastic photos. I had seen them before referred by my folks, Rudy and Diane. They speak very highly of you. I hope you don't mind if I keep abreast of this lengthy journey via your diary and photos.
A toast to adventure and safe travels!
PS - I was just at a play in Orange County and saw Mitzi Gaynor was scheduled to perform there... good to hear she's busy.
Jeff O.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. Cayman Islands has been on my wish list, ever since I met the sole sporting representative of Cayman Islands at the Brisbane Commonwealth Games. From memory, he had to steal a Cayman Islands flag!