Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 18 At Sea

Today was just perfection…..  The whole day was hot & sunny with a bit of breeze.  A fabulous day was had by all.  A day at sea like today cannot get any better.  Last night, as predicted, Kim and her team did a great job in the Pinnacle Grill.  The food and service was excellent.  Tomorrow we will anchor off Pitcairn Island of “HMS Bounty” fame.  All the inhabitants of the island will come aboard and sell their goods.  Unfortunately we are unable to go ashore here.  It will be a day at the pool, a day for photos of the island and perhaps a day to pick up a souvenir of two….



guy d said...

hey jeff, i wonder why you won't beable to go ashore? maybe the government deal. oh well say hello to kim and the Pinnacle Grill team from mom and i. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Easter Island looks amazing - spectacular photos of a spectacular place. Pls save info on renting car there so maybe we can do it on next year's voyage. Enjoying the blog and pix as always.
Janet and Mike

June said...

...and I thought you were tan back in October when I met you. You are looking bronze, tanman.

Enjoying all your blogs and pictures.
Thank you much,