Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 23 Bora Bora

Today was a pretty exciting one for me…. We arrived very early this morning into Bora Bora, one of my favorite places. I went ashore on the first tender and began hunting for a boat to go snorkeling. I hooked up a boat which took 10 of us snorkeling with the sharks & stingrays, in the coral gardens and a stop to visit one awesome moray eel…. Underwater photos are included in the following blog. We also sailed completely around the island which was some great sightseeing. Finally we stopped at a motu for some fruit and some time to swim. It was, without a doubt, a spectacular day. Tomorrow morning I am heading back out to swim with the sharks again with some friends….




Anonymous said...

Jeff, this is SO your place... with the sun, beautiful weather, greenery, and beaches... just fantastic! Lucky you all get to spend 2 days in this paradise!


Jennie said...


Fantastic photos, especially of the beautiful fish.

Bora Bora has to be "Paradise on Earth", well it is for me anyhow, We will be there in just over 9 weeks time, can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Just love your sense of adventure and confidence, with the way you just get off the ship and hook up with a boat to take 10 people on a tour of the lagoon.