Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 At Sea

Today was a wonderful day!  The weather was nice and sunny with a fairly strong breeze.  The day was spent with friends talking mostly about who had come on the voyage and of course those who didn’t make it.  At this point we are still running into friends we didn’t know were aboard.  Tomorrow we will be at anchor at our first port, Georgetown, Grand Cayman.  The Captain announced today that the weather conditions that are forecasted may pose a problem for tendering.  It looks like the perfect day I spent here recently with Apollonia won’t be replicated.  Allan, Sandra & I are planning on going ashore and just exploring the city.  It doesn’t sound, at this point, to be a great beach day.  So far the voyage has been grand…..





Jennie said...


Have a wonderful cruise with all your friends. Hope the weather is perfect for you and that you have calm seas and blue skies.

I am looking forward to seeing your fantastic photos for the next few months.


Vickie said...

So glad things are going so GRAND, but then again, with the team onboard that ship, there could be nothing less. So how did your dining table end up... I suspect pretty "dam" good?
Continue to enjoy and boy I wish I could have stayed onboard. It was in the 40's when I landed in San Francisco the other night.